Six Tips To Hire Quality Employees?

We are seeing more hiring signs in the windows of restaurants. These vacant positions will increase the burden on your existing staff members, creating the potential for dissatisfaction, burnout, and even higher employee turnover. But now, the temptation to hire anyone willing to take the job is starting to creep in.

Don’t take the bait! If you do, you are now setting your restaurant or food truck up for a huge mistake of hiring the wrong people. So as Independent restaurant and food truck owners, should you take a chance hiring someone who does not fit your workplace culture, or do you leave the position open until you find that quality employee?

Here are six tips that would support your current employees if you are short-staffed.

  1. To build an efficient team, ensure you identify the roles you need to fill.
  2. Create an outline for the responsibilities of each role you are hiring.
  3. Promote your job opening. To attract top talent, you need to know how to advertise your job positions effectively. Remember you are in an industry where the employees do not stay long, so when posting the job position:

(a) be honest and upfront about the hours

(b) don’t use language they are unfamiliar with; keep it simple

(c) address employee safety. Some employees are hesitant to accept offers if they feel the environment is not safe for them.

(d) Highlight what makes your restaurant or food truck the place to work

4. Make sure you are creating an effective selection process.

5. Ask the right questions in your interview process

6. Provide proper training for your employees. Your telling your potential client they have the job does not mean it ends there. A well-trained staff will save your restaurant or food truck thousands of dollars due to mistakes employees make because of not being appropriately trained.